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Authorship builds powerful authority...but only when it's done right

Writing and publishing a book can have an incredible impact on your credibility as a thought-leader and on the trajectory of your business. It can grab the attention of media, event organizers, podcast hosts, and other partners, opening up significant opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be available to you. A book can expand your reach and serve as a powerful lead generator that attracts prospects, builds familiarity and trust, and pre-qualifies potential clients...before you even speak with them directly.


Contrary to what many publishing "experts" might tell you, the simple act of writing a book and putting into the market isn't enough. In fact, if not approached correctly, a poor quality book can hurt more than it helps. Three things have to happen for a book to provide the benefits most entrepreneurs are looking for:

  1.  You and your business need to be ready, willing, and able to leverage it.
  2.  You have to write the right book.
  3.  It must meet high-quality, professional standards.

Author and business readiness

Before sitting down to write your book, it's critical that you assess your business strategy to make certain that you and your business are ready for it. What does that mean? Here's the unvarnished truth: A book, no matter how great it is, cannot fix a broken business. It just can't.

So, it's important that we take a hard look at the strategic foundation of your business and make sure that you're clear about 1) who your ideal customer is, 2) the big problem that you solve for your ideal customer, and 3) the unique solution you have for that big customer problem.

If we can make sure that these three things are sorted, you're ready to write.

The right book

Next, it's critical that you write the book you should be writing. Often, entrepreneurs write the book they want to write rather than the one their audience needs. Getting your book strategy straight from the outset will save you countless hours that you can't afford to waste. Writing the right book means that 1) you're clear about why you're writing it, 2) you're clear about why your readers need to read it, and 3) you understand, ahead of time, how it connects into your core business - in other words, you know in advance how you'll use your book and how it will deliver value for you and your business.  

High-quality, professional standards

Finally, to effectively build your credibility, your book has to be good. And while the definition of "good" will vary depending on the audience, a few things are clear. Editorially, your book has to land its intended message with your readers in a way that compels them to act. Visually, your book must attract the correct readers, convince them to buy and/or read it, and correctly set their expectations about the value it will deliver. And logistically, your book needs to play well within the global publishing ecosystem so that it can be printed, distributed, and bought. And of course, it needs to do all this without embarrassing the author with credibility-destroying errors.

There's a lot on the line throughout the authorship journey. It helps to have support you can lean on and learn from.

Introducing Entrepreneur to Author Select (E2A Select)

Entrepreneur to Author Select is a worldwide community of entrepreneurs who are at various phases of the entrepreneur-to-author journey. Some are at the very beginning, just now contemplating authorship for the very first time. Others are seasoned veterans with multiple book titles to their name, working hard to leverage their book(s) to best effect as they build their professional profile and further grow their business.

What unites every member of E2A Select is a commitment to doing it right: strategy-first, customer / reader-centricity, editorial and design excellence, and sound business thinking.

If that sounds like how you want to approach your authorship journey, then E2A Select is your community.

Entrepreneur to Author Select is built on a foundation of 3 principles...

Full-Journey Content Coverage

The content published into the E2A Select community spans all 5 pillars of the STEPS Method laid out in my book Entrepreneur to Author, which includes: S | Strategy and Planning, T | Transfer of Knowledge, E | Editorial Excellence, P | Presentation, and S | Sales Conversion.

Entrepreneur to Author STEPS Method


Because for entrepreneurs, authorship is about more than checking off a bucket list item. It's about results. And business results from publishing depend on more than getting the writing and publishing right. It depends on strategic alignment from the beginning and getting value from the book once it's published. Without these important book ends, the publishing effort is little more than a hobby.

Theory + Practice

New core content is typically published weekly and takes a variety of forms...

Video trainings

Regular video trainings on vital E2A topics. Covering both theory and practice, these trainings will span all 5 pillars of the STEPS Methodology.

Bonus podcast episodes

From time to time, we record bonus episodes of the Entrepreneur to Author podcast , which we'll add to E2A Select

Articles, lists, and resources 

Topical articles, practical reference lists, and fulsome collections of tools, resources, and related materials to further aide your E2A journey.

This core content is often supplemented with related content and resources that help members contextualize the principles and put the concepts into practice...

Worksheets and templates

Swipe files, calculators, templates, tools, and more save you time by giving you a head start with proven materials that work. 

Q&A sessions and guest interviews

Learn from the experts with Q&A sessions with Scott MacMillan as well as special guests on a range of relevant E2A topics.

Examples and case studies

Sometimes the best way to learn is to see it in action. We'll publish examples and case studies that show E2A in action. You're sure to glean insights you'd never before considered.

Community engagement and feedback

This community will thrive because of you, its members. Beyond the content published to the group, the model we're striving for is one of member engagement, and much of the activity within the group is designed to facilitate just that.

For example...


To help you move the goalposts and introduce some good-natured fun and competition, challenges will be put to the group. Participation is always optional, but why miss out?

Polls and discussion threads

Quick pulse checks on trending topics and more fulsome discussions help foster community, spark ideas, and inform us all on E2A issues, challenges, and tactics. 

Engagement group

Part of supporting one another is supporting each other's book launches. When a member launches a new title, we want to rally around them, celebrate, and support them by buying their book and leaving honest reviews at major book retailer sites. 

Welcoming New Members Each Quarter

To grow the community sustainably, a limited number of new members are welcomed to Entrepreneur to Author Select community each quarter.

In addition to these quarterly spots, we also welcome newly-published Grammar Factory authors as their books are launched. They've been through the journey already, end to end, and have incredibly valuable insights and experience to share.

All available spots in Entrepreneur to Author Select are currently full. However, we open new spots each quarter.

Join the wait list to find out as soon as we begin accepting new applications.

Current membership rates are as follows, and may change without notice:

$39 per month

$490 per year

$4,900 lifetime access