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The fail-proof formula to writing a book that will grow your business

Tested on 100+ coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs and business people

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Here's what you'll walk away with in just one day...

In this strategic, one-day event, our expert speakers will teach you the step-by-step formula that takes you from no idea to a printed book that will grow your business.

This event is for you:​

  • Even if you’re not a writer
  • Even if you can’t find the time
  • And even if you don’t know where to start

And especially if you’re ready to:

  • ​Double your rates
  • Get featured in the media
  • Become the go-to person in your industry

Now it's your turn!​

Writing a book is one of the fastest ways to build your credibility and cement your status as an industry leader

In 2020 there will be one billion entrepreneurs around the world.

What does this mean for you? There are thousands, if not millions, of people offering the exact same services as you and marketing them in the exact same way as you.

So how can you stand out from the noise?

Become a published author.

A published book earns you instant credibility and establishes you as a leader in your industry. While anyone can bluff their way through a blog post, the media, potential clients and potential partners all recognise that you need knowledge and real-world experience to write a book, and will consider you an expert once you’re published.

And once you achieve this status, you can expect the opportunities that come with being an expert...

What sort of opportunities? After collecting over 700 data points from surveys with successful entrepreneurs-turned-authors, here's what we found:

  • 34% of published entrepreneurs double their rates, regardless of whether they have start-ups or mature businesses when they publish.
  • 81% of them are featured in the media, including 10% who appear on national TV!
  • 72% of published entrepreneurs get paid speaking engagements, even if they have never been paid to speak before.
  • 74% of them generate more business by connecting with new referral partners.

Having helped over 140 entrepreneurs turn their knowledge and experience into published books, we know that authors earn more money, attract amazing opportunities, have more fun and make a difference in the world.

How Katherine Maslen skyrocketed to become an industry leader

'We’d experienced good growth in the business. Our client numbers have been good and our team kept growing. But after four years of working on the business, I still didn’t have the reach that I wanted, and I didn’t have any idea about how to make the type of impact that I wanted to. I realised that we were spending so much time getting new clients all the time - although our client numbers were growing, it seemed like an endless process. And I wanted to be able to do so much more.

I figured out how when I wrote my book, Get Well Stay Well: Reclaim Your Health and Get Back to Living.  Since releasing my book, I’ve been featured on the Channel 9 Today Show, multiple radio stations around the country, over a dozen articles in major publications like Good Health, Well Being and Nature and Health magazine.

I’ve even been interviewed as an industry expert and made the cover of Wellspring magazine, talking about how I’m shaking up the natural health industry.

Since releasing my book and being in the media regularly, our new clients have increased by 30%. And the people we get through our door are way more likely to invest in a long-term health. Most of our clients now opt for our 26-week health transformation programs, rather than session to session care.

Not only does that significantly improve our bottom line, it means we’ve gone from being a practice that helps people to fix health problems, to be able to really help them transform their lives.'

And it all starts with writing a book.

But there’s a catch…

Simply having a book isn't enough

Here's the uncomfortable truth...

Not all entrepreneurs who write books experience this success.

Sure, some become media darlings, fly to Necker Island to hang out with Richard Branson, put eager clients on a 12-month waiting list and create an incredible lifestyle.

But others spend months or years writing the perfect book and pay thousands of dollars to put it into print and see no result at all.

Why is that?

Because simply having a book isn’t enough anymore.

Every day we’re overwhelmed by an increasing onslaught of information: emails, status updates, tweets, direct mail, billboards, TV and radio advertising and more – all with some shiny offer that we can get for a special price for a limited time only!

What does this mean? Our BS meters are up. We spend more time looking for a reason not to buy than considering why we should buy.

And writing 'just another book' only adds to the noise.

This is why your book needs to be the right one.

The right book builds relationships, educates your target market, nurtures leads and showcases your expertise.​ Above all, it's enjoyable and easy to read.

Why is this 'above all'? Because we do business with those we know, like and trust, and writing a book that your readers loves gives them a chance to know like and trust you.​

How Elizabeth Gillam discovered the benefits of the right book

'Franchisee Success was a success from the get go – I was earning more money, I had time to enjoy the things I loved doing, and I had a freshly written book all ready to go to the printers. But, something was stopping me. Something was just not quite right. It didn’t feel stable nor did it feel sustainable. 

While I had a product, I didn’t have a method for how I created high performance franchisees. While I had content, I didn’t really  have a book. So I set about writing the six steps of the three stages that, when implemented, the franchisee could see in as little as five minutes as the business was on track.

I have now released my new and revised book, Upsize Your Profits, a version that I’m very happy with and it’s one that I know my target market want and need. It has been picked up by Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Fish Pond and Foils. The end result was $75,000 of new work with three new franchisors that I’d never worked with before.’

So what does the right book look like?

The right book is backed by a strategy. These books are informed by your business goals, and then every decision you make – your idea, content, design and marketing – is informed by those goals to help you achieve them.

The right book zones in on your target market’s desires. These books are structured and presented around what gives the most value to your readers while directing them back to your core business – these are the books that fly off the shelves and lead to a highly targeted influx of new enquiries and business.

And the right book is based on the role you want to take in your industry. The content is crafted based on whether you want to lead a movement, disrupt your industry or change lives, which positions you for media appearances, speaking engagements and influential partnerships ­that will empower you to achieve that.

Ultimately, the right book isn’t just about the book – it’s about your business, your market and your brand, and how these three elements work together to position you as an industry leader.

As you can see, the right book draws in your target market, positions you an expert and gives you the power to charge the rates you want.

How do you do it?

By addressing the three elements of the Author Happiness Trifecta.

The Author Happiness Trifecta

The Author Happiness Trifecta ensures you don't write a book that doesn't get read, but one that delivers massive value, that turns readers into clients, that paves the way for lucrative  opportunities and partnerships, and that ultimately grows your business.

To hit the trifecta, you need to:

Choose a bestselling idea

The right idea makes everything else easier - writing, publishing and marketing. Get it wrong, and you've set yourself up to fail.

Create a premium product

If your book looks cheap and amateurish, what is that saying about your business? To position yourself as a premium service provider, you need a premium product.

Leverage the hell out of it!

Just having a book, even a great one, isn't enough. You need to work it. It's only then that you'll experience the true power of publishing.

Tested on 100+ entrepreneurs

This trifecta is how we empower entrepreneurs not just to write their books, but to write books they are proud of - books that establish them as thought leaders, lead to highly paid speaking opportunities, draw in new clients and grow their businesses exponentially!

Short cut your journey from Entrepreneur to Author

Here's what you'll learn on the day

  • The author happiness trifecta – the three elements that are the difference between the entrepreneurs who make it as authors, and those who don’t
  • The three keys to a bestselling book idea – getting these right sets the stage for a book that will transform your business!
  • The 3 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when publishing a book, and how to overcome them to produce a book worthy of your brand
  • Our book leveraging system – this will ensure your book boosts revenue, generates clients and opportunities, and delivers the ROI you want
  • Inspiring stories from other small business owners who have become published authors, and how their books transformed their businesses

Plus get these bonuses with every ticket

  • A free copy of  the award-winning, bestselling book Book Blueprint: How any entrepreneur can write an awesome book
  • Instant access to our online members portal, packed with free resources to kick start your book including webinars, interviews, guides and more
  • The opportunity to mingle with our expert speakers
  • Yummy morning tea to help your brain effectively absorb all of the valuable insights you'll learn ;)
  • Free gifts and offers from our event partners

Yes - I'm ready to become an author!

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Plus, get instant access to our Ultimate Guide to Writing an Awesome Book, our members portal jam packed with free webinars, interviews with successful entrepreneurs turned authors, downloadable epic guides and more to supercharge your journey to becoming a published author!

Still curious? Check out these highlights from our last event

Meet your host

Jacqui Pretty, Founder of Grammar Factory and author of Book Blueprint

Jacqui Pretty is the Founder of Grammar Factory, a publishing company that turns entrepreneurs into authors, and the multi-award winning, Amazon bestselling author of Book Blueprint: How any entrepreneur can write an awesome book.

She and her team have worked with over 130 authors across the fields of business, finance, health and wellness, travel, marketing, property, hospitality, personal development and more.

Jacqui has been invited to speak as a writing and publishing expert by The Entourage, Australia’s largest educator and community of entrepreneurs, and the Key Person of Influence program, dubbed 'The world's leading personal brand accelerator' by the Huffington Post. Her 'Book Blueprint' system was named one of Australian Anthill’s Smart 100 innovations, and she has been featured on Business Insider, Flying Solo, Addicted2Success, MarketingProfs and more.

Still not convinced? See what some of our entrepreneur-authors have to say

Natasha HawkerFounder Employee Matters, Author From Hire to Fire & Everything in between

I handed the head of workers comp for a very large insurance company my book, and I could see he was really impressed. As he started asking me questions, I could see his level of interest increasing and increasing. So I pitched him with this, “How about you actually buy my book? And you pay for the printing and in return I will give you some access to some high quality product from my online Hire to Fire toolkit, complimentary for all of your small business clients. And they can upgrade if they want and I will do twelve key note presentations for you."

He loved the idea and he wants 50,000 books! Off this deal, we will earn half a million dollars. Not bad for a freshly printed book that I’ve any had in my hands for a couple of weeks​!

Today my book has reached #1 in the Careers section on Amazon Australia, #13 in Amazon UK and #26 on Amazon.com. I’ve had several radio interviews about the book and have had my news articles published in 15 News Local papers across NSW and also in the CareerOne special lift-out in The Courier Mail in Queensland. I’ve been approached to coach numerous new clients and have formed partnerships with executive recruiters and an international HR solutions training business. My book landing page generates sales almost every day and I’m delighted with the outcome.

Jane Jackson Founder Jane Jackson Careers, Author Navigating Career Crossroads
Warren OtterFounder Otter & Associates, Author Crank it UP!

Since I published my book I have found that my target audience actually understand what I deliver and it has given me a lot more credibility and reach. I am getting more referrals from professionals advising their clients that they should meet with me. I have engaged with CPA Australia who is looking at involving me with their discussion groups within the CPA member base. Overall business has picked up and people are engaging me for what I want to assist them for rather than being seen as a generalist professional advisor.

Before I wrote my book I was a solo entrepreneur. Now that I’m a published author I employ staff and can access media and partnership opportunities that would have been harder to otherwise obtain without being published. I am now blogging for property and finance related online and print magazines regularly and doing media and radio interviews. My media contributions include Australian Property Investor magazine, Property Observer online, Real Estate Talk radio , Smart Property Investment magazine, RealEstate.com.au, The New Daily, 4Bc News talk and Curtin FM radio.

Miriam Sandkuhler Buyer Advocate Property Mavens, Author Property Prosperity

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Only 3% of people who want to write a book actually do it.

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Is this the right time for me?

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