Host of Entrepreneur to Author Podcast:Scott MacMillan
Entrepreneur to Author Podcast Host Scott A. MacMillan

Hosted by: Scott A. MacMillan

The Entrepreneur to Author Podcast with Scott A. MacMillan

The podcast that brings you practical publishing strategies for building authority and growing your business.

Additional Episodes of Entrepreneur to Author

Many 9-to-5’ers have a dream. A dream of quitting the rat-race…building their own empire…charting their own course. Is it a pipe dream? Of course not! ...

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E2A 029: Starting and Building an Online Business with Kelsey Reidl – and doing it with content creation at the core

Gone are the days of huge advances for extravagant book tours, private jets, billboards and TV spots and for most authors. Did they really ever ...

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E2A 028: Guerilla Marketing with David Hancock – Taking Book Promotion into Your Own Hands

You can have all the tools, tips and strategies and even have a plan but for some people, writing a book still just seems too ...

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E2A 027: Cutting Your Writing Time in Half (or More) – Co-Authoring Your Book with Brent Lowe

Most service-based business owners get the importance of building credibility and how a book can really help. But what if you sell a physical product? ...

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E2A 026: Double Your Impact with Dr Paige Williams – Why You May Not Want to Stop After Just One Book

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