Host of Entrepreneur to Author Podcast:Scott MacMillan
Entrepreneur to Author Podcast Host Scott A. MacMillan

Hosted by: Scott A. MacMillan

The Entrepreneur to Author Podcast with Scott A. MacMillan

The podcast that brings you practical publishing strategies for building authority and growing your business.

Additional Episodes of Entrepreneur to Author

Publishing and distributing a book can be quite expensive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to foot the bill yourself.In this episode of The ...

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E2A 050: Take My Money! Crowdfunding Your Book with Lisa Ferland

Every entrepreneur dreams of being a person of influence – THE go to person in their field. Our guest today has created a formula to ...

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E2A 049: Becoming a Key Person of Influence with Mike Reid

Online conversations with prospective clients all too often feels salesy…or worse, cringy. Even when we have the best of intentions, connecting to your soul-mate clients ...

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E2A 048: How to Connect with Your Soul-Mate Clients Online with Shani Taylor

Trying to run a business without effective systems and structure is a disaster waiting to happen. Having a plan, procedures and team accountabilities helps projects ...

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E2A 047: Scaling Your Business Through Systems with SYSTEMology Founder and Author David Jenyns

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