Host of Entrepreneur to Author Podcast:Scott MacMillan
Entrepreneur to Author Podcast Host Scott A. MacMillan

Hosted by: Scott A. MacMillan

The Entrepreneur to Author Podcast with Scott A. MacMillan

The podcast that brings you practical publishing strategies for building authority and growing your business.

Additional Episodes of Entrepreneur to Author

You’ve written your manuscript. It’s full of interesting ideas, novel concepts, and great stories and anecdotes. You’re pretty proud of it…and of yourself. But you ...

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E2A 010: Test & Self-Edit

We have the first draft of your new book! Yes, it’s rough around the edges…but you’ve got a solid foundation. In this episode of The ...

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E2A 009: Round Out the First Draft

It’s time for your thoughts, your creativity, and yes…your fingers…to come alive! In this episode of The Entrepreneur to Author Podcast, your host Scott MacMillan ...

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E2A 008: Ready to Write…Rough In the First Draft

Writer’s block is real. And so is wasted time writing content that ends up cut during editing. But can all this be avoided?With a clear, ...

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E2A 007: Building Your Book Blueprint (detailed book outline)

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