Host of Entrepreneur to Author Podcast:Scott MacMillan
Entrepreneur to Author Podcast Host Scott A. MacMillan

Hosted by: Scott A. MacMillan

The Entrepreneur to Author Podcast with Scott A. MacMillan

The podcast that brings you practical publishing strategies for building authority and growing your business.

Additional Episodes of Entrepreneur to Author

Some suggest great ideas are like shooting stars, gone in a flash.That is unless you write them down. But then what? How does that good ...

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E2A 019: Getting Your Book Written in 2022 with Kelly Irving

ROI. Return on investment. Is it just a mythic and elusive goal for the entrepreneur-turned-author? Unless you’re writing only for the love of it or ...

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E2A 018: 3 Key Strategies for Monetizing Your Book

As an entrepreneur, you write your book for a reason: to build your authority and grow your business. ‘Business growth’ may mean different things to ...

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E2A 017: The Foundational Strategy – How to Build Your Authority

After the writing and publishing is done, next comes promotion. How will you let the world know about your newly minted book? In this episode ...

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E2A 016: How to Promote Your New Book

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